World of Mystic Symbols

About Project

Symbols are signs that carry a certain meaning and can affect us eitherwe believe in it or not. There are universal signs that came to us from ancient times and have been used in many cultures worldwide. They bear a similar meaning, that is, symbolism, that is why they can be used by all nations, and are called iconic. For example, a circle, a cross, a trident, a swastika, a pentagram ...

There are also relatively young signs based on the unified archetypical symbols. These are religious: the Catholic and Orthodox crosses, the Islamic crescent, the Jewish star of David, the Buddhist wheel of the law, etc. Religious signs only benefit those who understand them and practice certain spiritual exercises (mantras, meditations, prayers).

Iconic signs are used by all large companies of world and nations. For example, Microsoft, Mercedes, Toyota, Columbia, MTS. The symbols underlying their logos, strengthen the leadership position, provide stability in the market of services and goods.

The world of symbols is unusually large. Nevertheless, they are all expressed in the basic geometric figures. We draw your attention to their symbolic meaning.

If you wish to balance your life, surround yourself with round shapes and also apply the technique of K.Young: draw, paint or create circles. It brings you down to earth, helps to concentrate and find a solution, as well as feel protected. The signs placed in a circle are gently amplified.

A triangle is good for business: a symbol of leadership, dynamics and strategy. It stimulates to take actions, discipline, declares superiority and success.

A square means stability and balance, order. Figures placed in a square, become protected from chaos and unrest.

Rhombus reflects purposefulness, growth, "Napoleonic plans". This sign should be in a vertical, standing position.

The core of the cross is life and protection. It has a large variety of forms and meanings, among them is the swastika.

The ancient sign of the half moon is favorable for balancing your emotions, as it symbolizes inner peace and growth, like a growing moon.

The life force is symbolized by a spiral. It is often used in hypnosis and psychedelic clips, awakening strength and activity stimulation. It also affects the will, so you have to be careful with those who use the sign.

Often people know by intuition which symbol is favorable for them. Thus, when choosing a sign, listen to your inner voice, which will certainly tell you what is important to you in this period of your life. Usually the call of the soul is manifested in sensations of an incomprehensible attraction or rejection of a certain sign.